About us

Carromco is a German brand manufacturer of Tablegames, Electronic Dartboards and Outdoor Sport Games and more. We have been enjoying our work since 1986, and founded on November 1st, 1995 as Carromco GmbH & Co.KG, our drive has always remained the same: With our products we want to bring friends and families together so that you can experience great hours of fun and action together.

To succeed we follow our basic principles: Carromco products are built-to-last, offer great play value & an innovative edge. Our excellent service completes the positive customer experience and builds the cornerstone of Carromco’s worldwide success.

Our brands

Carromco Logo

Carromco is our main brand, much valued for great quality, innovation and excellent service. By now, Carromco products are available in over 30 countries around the world.

Smartness® Logo

Smartness® stands for professional electronic Darts and is a well-known brand among Darters across Europe.

Wikinger Schach Logo

Wikinger Schach® is the registered trade name for our all-time popular outdoor game.


Fairness and a sense of responsibility are not only important in the games that we manufacture, but also in our holistic business concept. We believe in long-terms partnerships, which are based on mutual trust. We pay precise attention that our games are produced in a socially and environmentally compatible manner. Not because it is prescribed by law, but because we are aware of our responsibility to people and nature.

This begins with purchasing the wood and all other materials and extends over each individual production step, right up to delivery: We handle natural, cultural and human resources with care. Carromco is FSC®-certified and annually re-audited. Anyone who works for Carromco, does this in a people-friendly environment, regardless of which position he or she is in the supply chain.

Carromco is a certified member of Amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative. Amfori BSCI is the broadest business-driven platform for the improvement of social compliance in the global supply chain.

Amfori BSCI FSC®