Have a look at the Carromco showroom in Hong Kong. We know travelling is difficult at these days, so we give you the opportunity to have a look at our newest products as well our classic games.



  • carromco hot seller Fire vs Ice
  • carromco hot seller Evolution-XT
  • carromco hot seller Stadium-XT
  • carromco hot seller Motion-XT
  • carromco hot seller Choice-XT
  • carromco hot seller Orion-XT
  • carromco hot seller Score 301 #2
  • carromco hot seller Toledo 301
  • carromco hot seller Crosscheck-XT


Explore our wide selection of Air Hockey, Billiard, Football tables, Electronic Dartboards, scooters, basketball sets, football sets, tabletop games, minigolf and all our other fun products. Get your License to Play!



Contemporary German design, Quality raw materials, Sturdy Construction and Fine Finishing. The Carromco Premium range is the pinnacle of Carromco’s brand and proudly demonstrates the cutting edge of Foosball, Billiard and Air Hockey tables.
  • carromco premium product Evolution-XT 05803
  • carromco premium product Titan-XB 05083
  • carromco premium product Typhoon-XT 05085
  • carromco premium product Iconic-XT 05074
  • carromco premium product Pool Dining-XT 02260
  • carromco premium product Rustic-XT 02212
  • carromco premium product Montreal-XT 04320

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