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Football Table EVOLUTION-XT
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  • carromco football table evolution-xt
  • Football Table EVOLUTION-XT White
  • Football Table EVOLUTION-XT White
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  • Football Table EVOLUTION-XT White
  • Football Table EVOLUTION-XT White

Football Table EVOLUTION-XT White (05804)

The Football Table Carromco EVOLUTION-XT White is a true world sensation. It connects to an interactive App that merges the classic game of Foosball with a virtual sports game simulation. The EVOLUTION-XT raises the game experience to a new level, without losing the magic of the traditional face-to-face challenge across the soccer table. The App with the same name “Evolution-XT” is available free of charge in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The specifications of the table match the Carromco STADIUM-XT series, with a total weight of 58 KG. The table is equipped with all tournament accessories such as professional players, handgrips and nylon bearings. They enable a controlled and advanced game play. With the 2 included high-grip balls, passing and receiving the ball is easy, and all shooting techniques such as pull-shot, pin-shot or snake-shot (Jet) can be played nicely. The swinging metal plate inside the goal box ensures a rewarding sound when a goal is scored.


  • App supported Football Table
  • Interactive App “Evolution-XT” available free of Charge for iOS and Android
  • Connection to Tablet or Smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Player and Team Editor
  • Match and League Mode
  • 58 KG tournament standard Football Table
  • Players with unique foot structure for perfect ball control
  • Round handles with roughened surface support all shooting techniques
  • Rubber coated leg levellers
  • MDF aprons with 24mm thickness
  • Dimensions: 142 x 75 cm, Height: 87.5 cm
  • Weight: 58 KG
  • Article Number 05803